• Collaborative Leadership for a Successful Port

    Re-Elect Mary Anne on November 6

  • Creating Economic Prosperity

    Over 13,000 trade-related jobs. $1.5 Billion in economic impact to the region. $93 million in state and local taxes created.

  • Strong Environmental Stewardship

    Constructed $13 million Shore Side Power Project to reduce emissions

  • Supporting Our Local Community

    Established Port of Hueneme Banana Festival and strongly advocates for our support of local non-profits.

Economic Value:

Mary Anne Rooney

The Port celebrated its 80th year of international commerce and value our customers who call the Port of Hueneme home. Overall trade jumped 5.6% over 2016. Fruit and vegetable exports reached record highs.

We import enough bananas to go around the world 13 times! We create more than $1.5 billion in economic value to our region. We provide more than 13,000 trade-related jobs.

Financial Leadership:

We have reduced our bond debt and increased our bond rating. The Port was awarded its 6th Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting for the most recent CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). We have set a course to fully fund retiree health benefit for the future.

Community Involvement:

We continue to build our outreach to our local community and have a strong outreach program to engage our youth. We offer a Global Logistic program with high school students, field trips to middle and elementary schools, and offer internship programs to local university students.

We had our 6th annual Banana Festival, opening our doors to more than 12,000 people to share in our role as an economic engine for our region.

Our MAST (Maritime Advanced System and Technology) event brings together developers of new technology with end users. STEM students are involved to learn about new technology in the industry.

We joined forces with FOOD Share to bring fresh and nutritious food to federally-designated “food deserts” in the region. With funds generated by a federal New Market Tax Credit transaction, FOOD Share was able to purchase a mobile vehicle to deliver services to their clients.

In 2017, the Port partnered in a humanitarian effort to deliver necessary supplies to Costa Rica aimed at helping youth rise above their current economic situation.

Environmental Stewardship:

Newspaper Cliping from 1970

Mary Anne was recycling in the early 70s with her fifth grade class.

We passed an Environmental Framework Policy and have been implementing green solutions to our industry. We are measuring our outcomes and are reducing emissions in order to be good neighbors.

We established EV Charging stations.

We entered into a relationship with the VC Air Pollution Control District to reduce emissions.

Port was honored with three distinct awards in 2017

Ventura County Earth Day Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship
1st Green Marine Certified Port in California
Greenest U.S. Port of the Year from the Green Shipping Summit USA